Dr. Nathaniel David

Founder, President, Director
Over the last decade, Nathaniel David has co-founded five technology companies that have collectively raised more than $700 million in financing. During the last year of his doctoral work (1998) at the University of California, Berkeley, he co-founded Syrrx, which was acquired for $270M in 2005. The first drug to arise from Syrrx’s research programs (a DPP4 inhibitor for the treatment of type 2 diabetes) was recently approved in Japan and is awaiting regulatory approval in the EU and in the US. This drug, ALOGLIPTIN, is expected to have worldwide peak sales in excess of $2B. In 2003, Dr. David co-founded Achaogen, an antibiotic discovery company developing a potent anti-gram negative antibiotic now in Phase II clinical development. Teaming up with a group of former Amgen employees, he co-founded Kythera Biopharmaceuticals where he served for four years as Chief Science Officer, a role in which he managed all pre-clinical drug discovery efforts. During his tenure, two first-in-class therapies (ATX-101 and ATX-104) entered human clinical trials. ATX-101 is currently commencing Phase III clinical trials in 10 counties. In the clean technology arena, Dr. David is co-founder of Sapphire Energy, a biotechnology-driven energy company developing next generation fuels that are 100% compliant with the current fuel infrastructure, and Kilimanjaro Energy. Dr. David holds numerous pending and issued patents in fields such as nanovolume crystallography, antibiotic resistance, and aesthetic medicine. He serves on the board of directors of Kilimanjaro Energy, Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, and Sapphire Energy and is a member of the board of trustees of the University of California Foundation. Dr. David was named one of the Top 100 innovators in the world under 35 by the MIT Technology Review. Dr. David holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in Molecular and Cellular Biology and an A.B. in Biology from Harvard College.

Keith Gazda

Director of Engineering
Keith is an accomplished mechanical and process engineer with experience developing research and prototype productions systems. He joined Kilimanjaro Energy after spending a number of years solving challenging engineering design and analysis problems for the cleantech industry at GreenMountain Engineering. Earlier experiences included six years of developing custom automated synthesis, screening, and analysis equipment for combinatorial materials discovery at Symyx Technologies and three years of semiconductor equipment design at Applied Materials. Keith earned his undergraduate degree with high distinction from the University of Minnesota and his graduate degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. Outside of work, Keith enjoys learning through helping others solve a wide array of interesting problems.

Tim Rappold

PhD, Scientist
Tim studied Physics at Vassar and then went on to write his PhD in Earth & Environmental Engineering under Klaus Lackner at Columbia. During his graduate work, he developed a method to safely dispose large quantities of sulfur (a waste byproduct of oil and gas production) and recover energy from the process. Tim is fascinated with all the things that make our energy infrastructure hang together, and he developed and taught a course for gifted high schoolers on “Fossil Fuels and Global Change.” After Columbia, Tim joined Kilimanjaro, where he designs experiments, works to align research strategy with process development, and strives to convert complex, messy problems into simple, tractable ones. Other than that, he bikes to work, enjoys travel to far-flung places, and finding the next delicious bite to eat.

Karin Yaccato

Karin is a research scientist with a history of working at diverse and challenging start-up companies. After completion of an MSc in Chemistry at McGill University in Canada, she spent six years working in combinatorial materials research and analytical development with Symyx Technologies. After several productive years in the field of biotechnology with Fluidigm and Transform Pharmaceuticals, Karin returned to materials work, focused on carbon capture at Calera, in 2009. She joined Kilimanjaro in 2010 and leads our chemistry efforts to develop efficient structured sorbents.

Glenn Sugar

Research Associate
Glenn is a former teacher, tutor, and astronomy researcher. He graduated summa cum laude with distinction from Boston University with a BA in astronomy and physics. For over four years, Glenn was an active participant in an astronomy research group where he helped develop a new method to remotely measure high altitude winds by using radar signals from meteors. His research earned him Boston University’s Center for Space Physics prize. After graduation, Glenn moved to San Francisco and became a teacher and tutor for high school students. His growing interest in energy, along with the wish to continue conducting research, led him to Kilimanjaro Energy. At Kilimanjaro, Glenn works on experimental design to develop novel sorbents and works on mathematical models to predict desorption behavior of complex systems.

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